Touristic attractions

Paraguay is a country that has endless possibilities for tourism, due to privileged conditions condensed into a varied geography, an inviting tropical climate and a history and folk art that adorn its towns with an identity that enchants any visitor. 


Divided into two large regions that are markedly different due to the emblematic Paraguay River, the country offers to the traveler two geographically and culturally rich universes, rich in attractions: the Eastern Region, that includes rolling hills, with their green countryside bordered by mountain foothills, shady valleys dotted by streams and lakes, dense forests, along with the majority of the country’s cities and towns, whose architecture maintains strong colonial and pioneer traits; the Western Region, which represents the most vast and least populated territory in the country, including the great arid and dry Chaco, with extensive and valuable ecological and biological reserves, vast stretches of land dedicated to stockbreeding and prosperous foreign colonies. 

In present-day Paraguay, 17 indigenous ethnic groups survive, corresponding to various linguistic branches, the most important of which is Guaraní, which left modern Paraguayans one of the most admired American languages for its richness and flexibility, spoken today by 90% of the population.  The indigenous peoples of the country, which number approximately some 100,000 inhabitants, add their unique effect to the diverse cultural spectrum along with German, Japanese, Brazilian, Argentine and Bolivian colonies and communities, among others.  All of this comprises a broad cultural spectrum that reflects the country in its literature, its art, its music, its dance and its traditional and modern expressions, which the visitor to Paraguay can appreciate. 

Grassy field

Located in the center of South America, with dimensions of 157,048 square miles, Paraguay has a small population of nearly 6,000,000 people well into the 21st Century, according to the latest statistical data.  This is reflected in its cities, with a more relaxed lifestyle, without the rush and bustle found in modern metropolises, which is an excellent characteristic for the enjoyment of the tourist. 

Old house

In recent years, authorities and the private citizenry have achieved notable successes in what Paraguayan tourism has to offer potential visitors.  Hotel infrastructures, as well as the new options for tourism at ranches, such as tours and specific packages that try to promote natural and cultural attractions that the country has to offer, all demonstrate a growing improvement.