Attractions of the main cities

Map of important cities of Paraguay

Map of important cities of Paraguay


Asunción has a historic downtown and has been coming around and now shows signs of its rich history.  It has important architectural groupings, such as the “Riviera Block,” a well-preserved entire city block of the city that is site of the oldest house in the city, the Cathedral, López Palace, the Railroad, and the House of Independence, all of them being quite old.  In regard to its modern attractions, one must mention its services, the magnificent Lírico Theater, numerous nightlife spots, huge shopping malls, restaurants and first-class hotels. 


It is located less than an hour from the Jesuit Ruins of Jesús y Trinidad, declared a Treasure of Humanity by UNESCO.  It also has natural attractions, such as its banks on the Paraná River and its green countryside, adorned throughout with beautiful streams.  It has intense business activity, connected to its Argentine neighbor Posadas.

Ciudad del Este

This is the city with the heaviest commercial activity in the country, where you can find any variety of items at the lowest prices, from small kitchen appliances and electronics to clothes and cosmetics.  It is located only an hour from the marvelous Iguazu Falls, by crossing the Bridge of Friendship into Brazil.  It is also locates close to Itaipú Dam, the largest of its kind in the world, and it has great natural attractions. 


This is considered the “Cultured City” of Paraguay and historically it is nicknamed “La Andariega,” or “keen on walking,” as it has changed its location several times.  With a rich history and noteworthy academic and cultural activity, it is stately and hospitable.  It has diverse nearby attractions, such as the beautiful town of Yataity, where they make the delicate handicraft of Ao Po’I, and the German colonies where delicious wines and other quality products are produced.