The Paraguayan territory is divided into two very different regions:

Map of Eastern and Western regions

Map of Eastern and Western regions

The Eastern Region (oriental), extending to the margin to the left of the Paraguay River, it is comprised of rolling hills and is humid, home to numerous streams of water, with some foothill mountains of normal height, has a temperate climate, with abundant rain and land suitable for cultivation.  Here the majority of the economic wealth of the country is located, with the majority of the urbanized zones and the majority of the population (97.5%).

The Western Region (occidental), located in the right margin of the Paraguay River, corresponds to the great Chaco that extends to the north, into Bolivia and to the south into Argentina.  It is a great plain, dry and arid, that nevertheless, is home to the majority of the ecological and biological wealth of the country and is home to vast ranches dedicated to livestock breeding.  It represents 60% of the national territory, but only 2.3% of the population.  The natural resources from this region have close ties with the ambitious projects such as Hidrovía, the Bioceanic Corredor and the Gasoducto, a gas pipeline.