Visual arts - Engraving and drawing

A single thread of Paraguayan art binds engraving, which had its first important school in the Workshop of Engraver Julián de la Herrería, from the Center of Brazilian Studies, created in 1956.  Initially headed by Edith Jiménez, later it was directed by the Brazilian teacher Livio Abramo, who arrived in the country in 1962 to finish a valuable 30-year cultural labor of love, until his death.  Abramo brought modern engraving techniques and, under his guide produced various generations of artists in this field, starting with the pioneer group made up of Olga Blinder, Leonor Cecotto, Lotte Schulz, Jacinto Rivero, Miguela Vera and the aforementioned Edith Jiménez.  In this field, one cannot forget the name Josefina Plá, who developed a line of art dealing with indigenous and folk motifs.

The field of drawing also produced renowned artists since the first decades of the 20th Century, when renowned artists came onto the scene that include: Miguel Acevedo and Andrés Guevara, who admirably captured the human spirit of the period in their work.  Years later, other masters of drawing such as Jenaro Hindú, Luis Alberto Boh and Selmo Martínez create a motif that lies somewhere between the fantastic and the surreal.  And the teacher Livio Abramo also made his own contributions to this field.